Implementing an owner-driver scheme has a host of benefits to companies. Businesses that embrace enterprise development stand to gain points for enterprise development and preferential procurement. In addition, converting its existing fleet to owner-driver schemes also increases return on investments in cases where the company owned the fleet and depending on the tariff structure can improve productivity and consequently reduce cost.

Moe has the expertise, experience and the competence to migrate companies existing fleet into an owner driver scheme. The business activities we render are consistent with the objective of the South African governments of ensuring that “our economy and society as a whole can benefit from the wisdom and potential of all South Africans, and that the benefits of such empowerment are shared across society”.

To achieve these objectives our services include;

    • Recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for owner driver schemes
    • Training of aspirant entrepreneurs (Owner drivers)
    • Vehicle selection and fleet mix
    • Tariff structure and calculation
    • Arranging finance
    • Arranging insurance,
    • Arranging maintenance plans
    • Continuous evaluation of the performance of entrepreneur
    • Regular feedback to the principal on the business performance of the    entrepreneur

    Find our empowerment rating score card bellow:


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